產品名稱:HDF20 EFI


型號 HDF20 EFI
最大功率 20馬力(14.7千瓦)
轉速(轉/分) 4500-5500
沖程 4 沖程
缸體 2 缸
類型 4 閥,單頂置曲輪軸
燃油供給 電噴
排氣量 (立方厘米) 323
額定功率與轉速 14.7千瓦@5000轉/分
缸徑 × 行程 (毫米)  59×59
齒輪比 27:13
檔位 前進 – 空檔 – 倒檔
點火系統 ECM
冷卻系統 水冷
啟動系統 電啟動
操控系統 操舵 & 遙控
油壓報警探頭 標準
溫度報警探頭 標準
重量(公斤) 57
標準配置油箱(L) 12


HDF20 EFI – EFI time ahead with advanced technology
HDF20EFI - 引領電噴時代舷日本熟婦色在線視頻前沿科技

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system. 電噴系統

The Programmed Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) adopt the DELPHI system, accurately controls ignition timing during start up, providing optimum overall operation, with instant throttle response and fuel efficient performance.


More Quiet. 噪音小

HDF15EFI is upgraded based on Hidea HDF15, more stable with a 2-cylinder design available with Power Trim/Tilt or Gas Assist Tilt for shallow running, it’s more quiet as using the Reverse Exhaust Relief system, redirecting exhaust gas through propeller in the water.
海的電噴HDF15 EFI 是在海的HDF15基礎上升級,兩缸設計可以淺灘電升降或助力升降,采用反向排氣減壓設計,從螺旋槳水下排氣,噪音更小。
Quick Starts. 快速啟動

The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system, automatically adjusts the air-fuel mixture for quick, easy starting and warming-up.
Engine Alert System.  機器報警系統

Engine Alert System, it constantly monitors vital engine functions and reduces the likelihood of damage by alerting the driver of overheating, low oil pressure and other critical engine functions.
Cruising Fuel Economy. 燃油經濟性

the EFI system automatically adjusts the air-fuel mix according to speed and load, this maximizes power throughout the rmp rang will save up to 20% less fuel than other comparably sized outboards in the cruise speed.